IV-3 " Time-Temp"

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IV-3 VFD Thermometer Clock "Time-Temp"


Cheap VFD tubes kit with all parts, tubes, Power supply and acrylic case, also for beginners.

Dispaying Time and Temperature each 15 sec.


Here's a little video, in daylight and darkness. You can see the illuminated acrylic edge as well as the switching Temperature display.

(It is easy to built, look for the assembly instructions, here )



The housing, below 2mm acrylic bottom black, top acrylic transparent. The edges are crystal clear. (Laser cutting) Here the housing open on front, back and sides.


On the front and on the sides, is a cover provided. This is 16mm black ribbon, fleece. This tape is attached to the rear standoffs with 1.4mm screws.

( Big head screws )



The PCB 100mm x 52mm, double Sided Circuit board, HAL lead-free solder with solder stop. Solder bridge is no longer required, and with the solder stop it is almost unlikely for contacts during soldering.


The Temperature sensor DS18B20 can also be connected via cable.The front solder pins are provided and behind, to the right of the LM7905 are 2 holes for fasten cable a cable tie.

A storage battery for AC power down can be used. CR1220 batterie holder is included.

The clock is powered by 230V AC to 6 ( 5 ) Volt DC Adapter, included in the kit.

The 30 Volt for the VFD tubes are made by DC-DC module.  

Power consumption of the clock 6 Volt 165mA, 1 Watt.

As you can see, less component ! The circuit bigger size, see Assembly instructions, here.

The price, all parts incl. VFD tubes, power supply and case € 54.00 + € 5.90 international DHL shipping.

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