Tube CD-Player PS1

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CD-Player PS1 project

You can read in several forums by simply tuning a Sony Playstation as a HiFi CD player.

Michael Methe has worked extensively with this project, on his page there are many interesting links.

I've been thinking about buttons and display, and here is the result.

Installing a 2 1/2 TFT monitor connected to Video Out, and installation of a Remote Control (for PS2) in the case.

The main buttons on the remote control are soldered to seperate switches.

The basic module is SCPH -1002

The following conversion work I've done:

- Removed unused connectors

- New power supply (circuit Elektor)

- Line filter

- Modified audio output

   (replaced transistors, resistors and capacitors)

- New audio output with 2 x ECC88 and 2 Mosfet

- Blue LED installed next to drive mechanics

- Module for remote control

- Remote control with buttons on the front panel

- 2 1/2 inch TFT monitor

- Remote control ( external use )

- Case multiplex plywood sides and ground

-  Front cover and top are labeled from 0.8 mm copper plate and sealed

-  CD cover 8 mm acrylic glass.


This player plays burned CD-R without failture. 


That´s inside 



In the front the integrated remote control with extern switches.

Left the 2 1/2 TFT, which requires about 200mA at 12 volts DC, seperate transformer.

( by planning the project the TFT was not encluded, the main transformer, done by myself, has no 9 Volt AC for the TFT )