DIY Tube Amp Case

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Amplifier modular case

The case project consists of 4 pcs 35mm round stock. Carved and painted. (POM plastic or beech wood)

POM is polyoxymethelene hard- and engeneering plasic, used for production of precision parts.

The ground plate is screwed down, front, rear and side panels are inserted into the grooves.The top plate is also screwed

40mm x 12mm flat plastic caps  will be screwed down, and arched above the caps are placed.

This modular system allows all the elements are processed separately (controls, PCB mount, transformer cutouts, holes for tubes etc.)

Also the size of the case is variable.

On front and upper part, a bent copper sheet 0.8 mm can be plugged.

The corner connector is for utility patent protection applied.

The stereo case is 370 x 325 x 70 mm  made ​​of stainless steel aluminum ( Dibond ) on both sides, top and front.

On back and ground 3,0mm Aluminium unfinished.


The Monoblock case  240 x 325 x 70 mm 

Same material, but smaller.



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