Time Temp IV-12 Fm alarm clock

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Time Temp IV-12 / IV-1 clock 12h / 24h  and thermometer °C / °F.

With extension to Fm alarm clock


There are 2 different cases available.

The flat case is not provided for FM Radio, because of the LCD display.


The IV-12 tubes are on 10 pin socket and can be changed easily later.

With extension Kit Fm stereo radio with internal speakers, or via Bluetooth speakers for the office or living room.

The kit consists of 2 PCBs on top of each other. Simple assembling because modules are used.

Thie Kit also for beginners

Look for Youtube assembly video here.


Basic Kit:

4 digit VFD clock with temperature 4 x IV-12 und 1 x IV-1 VFD tubes. Displaying temperature can be disabled.


- Alarm with buzzer

- FM LCD radio incl. 2 x speaker for normal radio and alarm.

- FM LCD Radio via bluetooth audio transmitter for external BT speaker.

( Volume, search and station selection controlled by mini 5-way joystick switch )

- Mini UPS, uninterruptible power supply with Li-ion battery, depending on the application and battery capacity up to 5 hours


The Bluetooth transmitter module can be used to operate external BT speakers.

Here are 2 sample photos from the manufacturer side.


The circuit.

The basic kit, all parts incl. VFD tubes, power supply 66,00 € + 10,80 € DHL international shipping.

Order page, here.

Assembling instruction, here