KT100 Amplifier

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This is in my living room with the PS-1 CD player and 2 x Canton Speakers.

2 x ECC83 and 2 x KT100 as SE amplifier, circuit from Michael Dieckmann

Preamplifier and tone control with ECC83 is a Dynaco kit.

The input module with 4 x RCA inputs and volume is operated with remote control

(4 Way Motorized Remote Control Kit MV04)

The small Nixie displays shows input 1 - 4.

2 x EM80 level display.


There is a MOSFET power supply, for the tube heater a laptop power supply (pulsed)

The output transformers are 2 x DB1092

The power transformer with MU-metal jacket.

The case is made ​​of plywood, wooden Zebrano furniture on both sides, front and top with copper sheet 0.8 mm

If I build a new tube amp, preamp, EQ will be in a seperated case, because in this project there was inside not much space.