IVL1-7/5 Mp3 alarm clock KIT

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IVL1-7/5 Mp3 alarm clock KIT

IVL1-7/5 Mp3 alarm clock

One of the most beautiful displays, I think, is the IVL1-7 / 5, but not cheap, but worth it.


Here the clock in the new OpenSky housing 180mm x 140mm x 70mm.


On the right side are 4 buttons for, set + -, hours and minutes, 

stop alarm, time and signal.

The slider switch has 3 positions for,

Alarm On, MP3 play and off.

On the left side panel, speaker 50mm 1.5 watts 8 ohms. milled grooves.

The side panels are 3mm black shiny acrylic. 

On top a half-round cap 1.0mm acrylic transparent.


The kit consists of 2 PCB´s, control board and switches board.

On the rear site the FM Radio Mp3 Module.


Assembly instruction follows.


The circuit: