ILC1-1/8L big display clock DIY KIT

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ILC1-1/8L big display clock DIY KIT


The clock used  the motherboard of IV6 - 3A clock. It requires no additional driver IC's or transistors.

The LB1240 driver on board with 55Volt and 35mA each output are sufficient.



PCB size 390mm x 180mm from industrial production, HAL lead free and solder stop.

At bottom site there are solder points with 5.08 mm pitch.

The termometer kit, 6 digit flat display ILC1-6/8 ( ИЛЦ1-6/8 ) first digit "-", digit 2 - 4 temperature and letter "c"

Waterproof Digital Thermal Sensor DS18B20 with 1,0m cable, Operating temperature range: -55°C to +99°C

New power adapter for clock and thermometer circuit. DC-DC converter and rectifier are no longer required.

Instuctions for DIY Thermometer KIT follows.


Technical Data:

PCB size 390mm x 180mm

Size VFD display 100mm x 50mm, segments 55mm x 25mm

Tube heater 14Volt 130 mA ( in series )

Input DC-DC converter 8Volt 700mA ( at 12Volt input 300mA )

Output DC-DC converter 45 - 50Volt 60mA

The display is specified 160mA heater ( data sheet ), here 130mA ( longer livetime )


The DIY KIT included.

MCU board, IV6 - 3A, all parts.

Power adapter AC 230V ( only for EU, USA Canada... shipping is expensive. You can use a transformer 2 x 12 Volt 350mA AC ) 

DC-DC converter.

Large ILC1-1/8L display PCB, resistors, solder pins, transistor and mounting set.


Prices for ILC1-1/8L kit 

Kit cpl. with power supply, without displays and housing € 98.00  ( € 85,00 without transformer )

New Power Adaper contains 2 x 115V for US use.

DCF time signal kit incl housing € 20,00

Displays, 6 x ILC1-1/8L, 2 x IV-25 € 52.00 (out)

Hermes EU shipping € 9,90,  DHL worldwide registered mail € 10,50

Circuit, layout, assembly instuctions. here

Order ILC1-1/8L DIY KIT here  ( please leave informations, whitch parts you need )