EL84 Amplifier

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EL84 integrated amplifier

This should only be a push-pull output stage amp, but later an integrated amplifier.

2 x ECC83 and 4 x EL84 for the power amplifier

2 x ECC83 preamp and tone control with ALPS potentiometers

1 x EAM84 for level display.

The power supply with a bridge rectifier, two capacitors and choke on backpanel.

(First there was only R / C combination but there was too much buzz on the DC)

Power transformer and choke is done by myself.

EL84 integrated amplifier

The case is a aluminum U-frame, the sides are red multicolor granite.

On the inside of the granite slabs I glued 20 mm wooden planks.

To these boards has the aluminum shell footing, below the aluminum is bolted to the wooden board.

Bottom center is a perforated plate attached.

The components are mounted on a 4mm pcb board and wired. The plate is fastened with 4 screws from the top.