CNC Milling Machine

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CNC milling machine

Here is my DIY CNC milling machine.


Wood, plastic, acrylic glass, aluminium and copper can be processed.

The working area is 330mm for milling, the ranging is for front panel engraving.

The tolerance is within + / - 0.05 mm, but more precisely adjustable in the range of the x-axis,

by adjusting the upright stand.

I've mostly chosen POM, since this material can be worked easier.

( POM is polyoxymethelene hard- and engeneering plasic, used for production of precision parts )

With a Forstner wood bit, I drilled the holes for the bearings of the spindle.

The holes for the precision shafts, I drilled with a step drill.

Limit (2 x micro switch) x-axis in a black housing on the left and right, and 2 reed contacts for y-axis

(Right aluminum profile, front and back, white housing)

Motors and control was a DIY KIT.

I create drawings with Corel saved in .plt


Acrylic glass milling.

I read and tried.

- Tested a few cutter and milling  2 or more trips

- Varying the diameter and cooled by water and some detergent

- different speeds for milling and feed

- use different acrylic glass

But there was only bad results


So you get perfect results

- Only use acrylic glass GS, not any cheep glass from your store.

- Acrylic glass cutter, single tooth, carbide (4 mm each 30.00 €) with polished flute

- Vacuum cleaner to suck the chips

That's all!

Now you can mill at 29 000 /min  and no matter what feed.

For my acrylic glass projects I use a hardwood base, with a wider groove in it.

That means when acrylic glass is 3 mm,  I adjust the cutting depth of 4 mm, the milling cutter works in the groove and not on wood.

The wooden base is shown in the picture.

To fix the acrylic glass additionally I glue it with two small strips of double-sided tape on the wood surface.